Job title

Corporate Communications Specialist

What you'll do

UNITY ZERO is looking for Corporate Communications Specialist. This person will support the external communications strategy to enhance the awareness and reputation of the Company. Work directly with co-founder and executives to develop internal and external communications, and messaging to support business objectives. Develop ideas and content for seminars, social media contents, and media articles. Responsible for management for all digital and print media and flow of information to other third-party content creators.

Duties & Responsibilities

・Promote aggressive marketing and business media coverage
・Consult with executive management to ensure communications
・Maintain good working relationships with media
・Develop content of social media, brochures, newsletters and websites
・Develop concepts and advertising copies
・Adjust content calendar so that workflow is optimized
・Minimize negative publicity
・Understand our business and gain broad knowledge of our industry


Ginza Six 13F 6-10-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


Minimum Qualifications
・3+ years of experience with a background in corporate communications
・Public relations material creation skills (including English press release and English public relations material creation)
・Development of domestic and foreign media related companies, project progress, coordination skills
・Good command of English and Japanese

Preferred Qualifications
・Good command of Chinese
・Business connection with overseas advertising marketing BtoB media, Japanese business TV programs, web media, magazines, etc.
・Correspondence to coverage with overseas media, press conference planning / management skills


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