Collaboration NFTs between Harajuku's select shop "GR8" and Metaverse project ¥u-Gi-¥n are now on sale, and 8 NFTs from the first season's auction sales were sold for a total of 14.4eth ( It was sold for approximately 3.9 million yen.

In commemoration of the release of the first edition and in preparation for the release of the second edition, the GR8 Harajuku Laforet store will be holding a "GR8 YGY" event from August 10, 2023 (Thursday), using video expressions that utilize the GR8 monitor in multiple ways. A special exhibition will be held.

This project is a metaverse creative unit "¥u-Gi-¥n/Yu Gi Labs" made up of 3DCG artists, art directors, creative directors, engineers, designers, and musicians born in the 90s and 80s who are active mainly in GR8 and TOKYO. GR8YGY is a collaboration project in which fashion items from ¥u-Gi-¥n's Genesis collection are styled from GR8's unique perspective, and 8 pieces are auctioned each time as limited collaboration NFTs.

In the first round, NFT collectors and contemporary art collectors will be randomly distributed a certain number of rights to purchase NFTs, and holders of purchase rights will use the form to select the NFTs they wish to purchase and the amount they would like to purchase in five steps. We use a closed auction sales method to sell to the person who offers the highest price. (If the amount is the same, there will be a lottery)

In addition, as the first special collaborator, Japanese jewelry designer KOTA OKUDA, who is active in the world and has close ties to GR8, was added, and a special limited edition jewelry item was born that combines the perspectives of three people. Jewelry will also be released in the second edition.

Details will be announced from time to time on the special page on the ¥u-Gi-¥n brand website (, GR8, and various ¥u-Gi-¥n SNS.


※Season 1: 8 GR8YGY NFTs

<1st season sales quantity and amount>


  • 8 pieces for each season (total of 88 pieces scheduled for sale in 11 seasons)

Amount of money:

Collaboration NFT GR8YGY: 0.8eth (approx. 210,000 yen)

Collaboration NFT GR8YGY + Collaboration physical item “GR8YGY Jewelry”: 1.6eth (approx. 420,000 yen)

Collaboration NFT GR8YGY + Collaboration physical item “GR8YGY Jewelry” + Collaboration NFT specially processed physical art “GASHO M-SIZE”: 3.2eth (approx. 840,000 yen)

Collaboration NFT GR8YGY + Collaboration physical item “GR8YGY Jewelry” + Collaboration NFT specially processed physical art “GASHO M-SIZE” + 1/1 rarity right of NFT: 5.6eth (approx. 1.47 million yen)

Collaboration NFT GR8YGY + Collaboration physical item “GR8YGY Jewelry” + Collaboration NFT specially processed physical art “GASHO M-SIZE” + 1/1 rarity right of NFT + GR8 Select ¥u-Gi-¥n style “Fashion item”: 8eth (approx. 2.1 million yen)

※NFTs can be purchased with Japanese Yen, and Blockchain uses Ethereum


KOTA OKUDA jewelry

COLOR: SILVER SIZE: Total length 40cm MATERIAL: Brass Silver (SILVER) Thick plating Perspex (acrylic resin)


Event date and time: Thursday, August 10, 2023 – Sunday, August 13, 2023 11:00-20:00

Location: GR8 1F (1-11-6 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Laforet Harajuku 1F Main Entrance)

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Special page on ¥u-Gi-¥n brand website:

About GR8(

A select shop in Harajuku, Tokyo that carries popular brands and up-and-coming labels from around the world, and has close relationships with many creators and designers. It's not just about fashion, it also has art, books, music, and more, allowing you to experience a wide range of culture. The store itself is constantly evolving, absorbing and disseminating all kinds of phenomena.


About ¥u-Gi-¥n(

Set in the ultra-high-rise IR facility ¥u-Gi-¥n built in Shibuya in the near future, creators active in Japan and abroad will create entertainment that integrates games, manga, anime, fashion, music, etc. is a metaverse project that provides a crypto-based shopping experience. The first sale held in October 2022 was sold out and ranked first in the world in terms of total NFT transactions. We aim to create a new culture and economic zone through NFT.



As a jewelry designer, she is active in a wide range of fields both domestically and internationally, including design projects for high jewelry, accessories, fashion brands, etc. As an artist, she plans and exhibits many collections and artworks with the theme of "MONEY" in order to explore the mysteries of value in capitalism. In 2018, her fashion show at NYFW became a hot topic, and she interacted with celebrities including Kanye West and Rihanna. She is supported all over the world.


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