"JOURNAL STANDARD" partnered with the artist Ryota Katayose's global project "EXPRESS MY MIND" to sell "WHITE TEE CITY SERIES".

The so-called "EXPRESS MY MIND",Ryota Katayose is now one of the most famous Japanese artist in Asia, working with corporate and group creators to suggest a lifestyle to the world.

Based on the concept of "THE NEW ERA OF TRUE NATURE" and "creating a new standard beyond national boundaries", we chose the mini theme of white plain T-shirts and injected their elite products into the six cities of Tokyo, Osaka, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taipei as the source of image.

With the concept of "creating a new standard beyond national borders", we have chosen the mini theme of plain T-shirts and designed plain T-shirts with 6 variations worn in various scenes.

Must try this "WHITE TEE".

Starting from today, the official Baycrews online store booking sale will also begin, and the JOURNAL STANDARD store will be available for sale from September 19th. All the goods in this project are made in Japan, but if you buy from the EXPRESS MY MIND online store, it also corresponds to overseas shipments. At the same time, JOURNAL STANDARD OMOTESANDO ,event was also held on the first day of sale on Sept. 19.

【Purchase Date】

It will be sent at any time from Thursday, September 19.

【Purchase Stone】

All of the JOURNAL STANDARD and official Baycrews online store


TIME: September 19 (Thursday) 18:00〜21:00


※Complete hospitality system

※20:00 Open to the public