UNITY ZERO (Co., Ltd.: Hong Kong, CEO: Shu Mononobe, hereinafter referred to as: UNITY ZERO) hosted this " Fan Meeting of Ryota Katayose in Shanghai 2019”.

◇Fan Meeting official WEIBO (ID:Express-My-Mind)

On March 9th (local time), GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE's lead singer Ryota Katayose‘s fan meeting "EXPRESS MY MIND" 2019 was successfully held. In addition to being active as a singing and dancing group, Mr. Katayose has also participated in a number of movies and TV dramas, and the scope of his career is constantly expanding. His talent is quickly recognized across Asia with the Chinese circle as the center, his influence is spreading, and a fanatical fan layer is gradually forming. Now, in order to realize Mr. Katayose's idea of "wanting to convey gratitude to fans across countries", which is one of the most popular Japanese artists in Asia, Zhou Huihui (KIKI ZHOU), co-entrepreneur and chief creative director of UNITY ZERO, is in charge of the overall creative design and held this fan meeting on the basis of Mr.Katayose's comprehensive supervision.

With the development of economy, China's entertainment industry has also made remarkable progress. The current situation is that it has become more difficult to build a business model by relying solely on Japanese artists and Japanese entertainment to gain fans. With this situation as the background, in order to successfully hold this fan meeting, we carefully analyzed the trend of Chinese entertainment industry and marketing, obtained the entertainment elements resonated by fans at home and abroad, and designed the brand exchange in order to present the idea of Mr. Katayose.

It is not only limited to the experience and information provision of fan meetings, but also takes the social media, which is most familiar with the target of the audience, as the official channel, and carries out the integrated design of "event × social media × branded content". Make the target group maintain positive interest and favor, and spread information spontaneously to maximize the flow of information. Face the core fan group, radiate the people around it, get the global level of star brand impression and awareness, so as to arouse interest.

Fan meeting and exchange of advice

1)    The overall concept

As the title of the fan meeting, "Express My Mind" puts forward the attitude and the position of the performer that Mr. Katayose has always held since his debut. This is the so-called "do not rigidly adhere to the form, not afraid to express their ideas to the outside world at that time." This time, the four key words "CHALLENGE", "BELIEVE", "SURPRISE" and "DREAM" that Mr. Katayose felt from the art activities in the last year are all designed among them.

-CHALLENGE: is not afraid of new challenges

-BELIEVE: believes in himself, believes in partners, believes in all who support me

-SURPRISE: evokes unexpected surprises

-DREAM: shares dreams so far and dreams for the future

2)  Not just entertainment shows, the event design meeting as a visual sharing place begins with a review of the plate design of recent arts and energy activities.

Review the activities of Ryota Katayose in Japan and around the world to convey what you saw, heard and thought at that time. At first glance, such a plate design is less entertaining and does not match the content of the fan meeting, but this is what Mr.Katayose strongly hopes to“turn this meeting into a space for fans to understand their own world and share their dreams with fans.” Whether artists, artists or enterprises, in order to respond to the ideas of others to build business, in a sense is the same, with their own capital artists, actors, etc., for their own activities and careers, show their own ideals, guide the outside world to understand themselves, is a necessary quality to become a top star in the world. From this point of view, we redefine the form of the fan meeting as an important countermeasure for the first stage of Mr. Katayose's long-term development to the world.

3)  All kinds of ideas in high-luxury fashion

In China, where luxury brands compete with each other in the world, it is also very important for artists and actors to establish a brand image by surpassing the imagination of fans with a popular background. This creative production, in cooperation with the creators of the new generation at home and abroad, the editor-in-chief of China's top fashion magazine serves as fashion styling. Produced a variety of visual photos and promotional videos aimed at representing the fashion icon image of Asia. Through the spread of fans, the brand communication is realized.

At the same time, in the production of the goods, in cooperation with the clothing factories commonly used by high-luxury brands, we have designed and produced products that far exceed the level of the goods of artists, and have also achieved the creation that exceeds the expectations of fans in the goods.

4)    Channel design, which reflects the latest trend of China's digital market

In China, which has completed the digital society, the promotion of digital marketing must be designed and applied. For this fan meeting, we opened an official Weibo account and sent relevant content regularly before and after the event. Maximize the use of digital network, collect fans' questions on Weibo in advance, corresponding to the question-and-answer interactive part of the fan meeting, and so on. At the same time, it has developed WeChat Mini Programs (an application platform within Wechat, the largest SNS in China), which has expanded rapidly in the past two years, and launched EC applications for fan meetings, from topic diffusion to direct marketing, and designed to accurately grasp the marketing trend in China.

5)  All kinds of content design to maximize the spontaneous diffusion and interaction of the participants in the fan meeting.

During the implementation of the event, it is very important whether the heat of the attendees can be transmitted to the outside world through SNS. This fan meeting, all the sections were set on the premise that fans could get surprises everywhere. The video played in the event is filmed from the first-person perspective of Mr. Katayose, so that fans can participate in the daily experience of idols. At the same time, let the actor Mr. Yudai Chiba, who actually had a deep communication with Mr. Katayose, make a surprise appearance in the film as a friend, etc.adding elements to improve the entertainment of fans.

As the white Valentine's Day gift from Mr. Katayose, red roses (=flowers) and makeup lotion sets of brand " DECORTÉ " are given to the attendees for Valentine's Day. At the same time, a background board was set up in the venue that seemed to be able to dream together with Mr. Katayose, and fans lined up for a group photo, which achieved the effect of network diffusion.

6)    An unprecedented fan meeting was held.

The venue of the event is the Grand stage of Shanghai Himalayan Art Center. The venue is usually only used for national projects and seminars for large global enterprises. This is the first time for fans to meet Japanese stars. From the ticket sales situation, the high praise from all walks of life before the event and the security system of the day, its scale is unprecedented for the fan meeting, and it has also become an activity concerned by the Chinese entertainment industry.

The event day of the Fan Meeting-Overall Report


The opening film begins with clothing sponsorship from global first-tier luxury brands and cooperation with Chinese fashion stylists. At the end of the animation, Mr. Ryota Katayose appeared in the middle of the stage. The enthusiasm of the Fan meeting reached the best part.


The enthusiasm of the meeting had not cooled, and Mr. RYOTA KATAYOSE reviewed the events of 2018 in his own words. During the review, he talked about his thoughts at that time and his prospects for the future. Convey the ideas and visions in preparing for the fan meeting so far, and share his own dreams with fans. That openly talked about the posture, like a young entrepreneur.

・The Microfilm of the proposal produced by Ryota Katayose

The P.O.V microfilm "ONE DAY", which depicts the day of Ryota Katayose from a first-person perspective, has been released. In the morning, starting with a set of shots of waking up in bed and getting ready to go out, the microfilm restored Mr. Katayose's life as if he could really feel his daily life. And actor Mr. Yudai Chiba made a surprise debut as a friend. At the end of the film, the scene in which Mr. Chiba asks Mr. Katayose to play and sing on the piano ends abruptly. The venue turned secretly, and the audience began to guess, "What's the next program?" Expectations swelled and the meeting began to stir.

・ Piano solo performance

In the form of synchronizing with the end of the film, combined with the dreamy stage performance, began the piano solo performance. Mr. Katayose showed his best stage performance by playing the piano he was good at and unreservedly exerting his ability as an outstanding singer. He played the Japanese song "Flower" and the Chinese song "confession Balloon". The song "Flower" is a GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE cover of ORANGE RANGE's song of the same name, which is well known to fans. "Confession Balloon" is the song of Jay Chou, a Taiwanese singer who is very popular in Chinese. It is a famous romantic song that confesses to loved ones. Looking for a gap in his busy schedule, Mr. Katayose perfectly memorized the Chinese lyrics and performed, which surprised Chinese fans.

・Questions Part

This session is for Ryota Katayose to answer questions from fans previously raised on Weibo. Including "when is the next China tour?" "when was your first love?" ect. Answer all the questions from artists activities to personal topics, and interact with fans to make the venue surrounded by enthusiasm more lively.

・Lucky girl (Lucky draw)

There were a lot of surprises at the end of the meeting, and there are even more surprises at the end of the meeting. Mr. Katayose drew lots on the stage to give special gifts to lucky fans and take a group photo as a souvenir.

・High-five exchange meeting

After the performance, he had a High-five meeting with fans who bought VIP tickets. Talk to every fan and end the communication with the fan.

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