UNITY ZERO hosted a worldwide simultaneous broadcast online fan meeting "MUTUAL ARROW" of Ryota Katayose.

This fan meeting was held for the second time as Ryota Katayose's global project "EXPRESS MY MIND" following 2019.

While the offline event has to be canceled due to the COVID-19 calamity, Katayose wants to deliver attractive performances online to overseas fans. Starting from this intention, the artists, staff, and the team worked together to held this event.

Headed by the Chinese-speaking circle, in order to enable fans from all over the Asia-Pacific region to watch at the same time, multiple broadcasting platforms were selected, and events were recorded in advance, and subtitles were produced in Japanese, Chinese, and English to achieve simultaneous broadcasting all over the world.


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【Concept of event】

Even if the world is now divided and isolated, we, our family, partners and you are still working hard to communicate our care and support to each other in our own way, so the theme of this online meeting is set as "MUTUAL ARROW ".


【Event design】

The overall process is divided into two parts: "LIVE" and "TALK SHOW". Compared with the previous fan meeting, the content of the "LIVE" part has been greatly increased.

The event was redefined with the idea of ​​"Here, I want to share music with everyone", covering songs by singers from various countries and singing Katayose’s solo song.

The venue was the Cotton Club, one of the world's leading jazz clubs that has continued to deliver high-quality music. With the entire floor of the non-audience as a place of expression, bringing fans a performance that can be achieved as an online event.

As a brand ambassador of luxury brand "GIVENCHY”, Ryota Katayose mostly used GIVENCHY’s latest costumes for this event.

In addition, as with the previous fan meeting, we collaborated with new generation creators and apparel manufacturing partners who support the high fashion scene to pursue quality of goods as well as design and materials.

【The event day of the Fan Meeting-Overall Report】


The event started with the opening film shot and edited by a new generation Japanese creator. At the end of the film, Ryota Katayose stepped onto the stage surrounded by the band.


Starting with solo single "Possible", Katayose sang 7 domestic and foreign songs selected by himself and arranged by the band.


Japanese songs)



-ほんとは feat. Kan Sano/Shin Sakiura


Foreign songs)

-静止/花儿楽隊(Chinese song)

-Cracks Of My Broken Hear/Eric Benet(English song※with piano)


As a traditional part of the fan meeting, used pictures and texts to review the artist activities for about two years since March 2019. As a part of "Share Dreams and Future with Fans", Ryota Katayose's current thoughts and prospects for future artist activities in the Asia-Pacific region were shared.

■Fan communication

Q&A corner, Online photo session

■Special content

As a special content, a lyric video of the first solo song "Possible" was released for the first time at the end. Extending the image of city pop on the cover, produced a lyric video of the song. It described driving on the highway in Tokyo until dawn, and the night view of Tokyo along the way. The video that matched the meaning of the lyrics well, soaked the fans in the lingering sound and closed the show.