Security Policy

Handling of personal information at our company

We recognize the mission as the communication company, and in order to contribute to the development of the advertising industry through the provision of high quality and reliable service, we have established an information security policy concerning appropriate protection and handling of information assets and comply with this.

  1. Personal Information

    For the purpose of this Privacy Policy, the term “Personal Information” means information which relates to an individual. It is included name, date of birth, email address, phone number, address, nickname, name, date of birth, occupation, title, credit card information, purchase history, etc.

  2. Acquisition and handling of personal information

    When acquiring personal information, in principle, we will clearly state the purpose of use to the person himself and conduct it by lawful and fair means. In addition, we will limit the handling of personal information within the range necessary for achieving the explicit purpose of use and obtain consent from the principal when changing the purpose of use. Also, from 15 years old and under, we will obtain consent from the parents. The provision of personal information depends on the will of the person himself/herself, but depending on the items that can’t be provided, there are cases where the service provided by we can’t be used smoothly.

  3. Purpose of using personal information

    The purpose of using personal information in our company is as follows.

    (1) the demonstration and sales of our or third parties’ products, digital content and services
    (2) conducting surveys and campaigns of our and/or partners’ products and Services
    (3) notifying necessary matters in regards to our or partners’ operations and our services provision
    (4) notifying for advertisement and sales of our or partners’ products and services
    (5) sending e-mail newsletters
    (6) publishing information posted by users regarding our or partners’ products and services
    (7) responding to various types of inquires or providing after sales services
    (8) collection and analysis of marketing data and developing new products
    (9) enforcement of rights and fulfillment of obligations arising under contract and at law
    (10) all other purposes that may be incidental to the above

  4. Rights related to personal information (disclosure, correction, deletion, etc.)

    We respect the rights of individuals concerning personal information. If we are required, we stop notifications, disclosures, corrections, deletion, suspension of use, using personal information by employees, provision to third parties. However, it excludes in the following cases. If we are unable to respond to requests for disclosure, we will promptly give reasons and notices to that effect.

    (1) When there is a risk of harming the life, body, property or other rights and interests of the person himself or a third party
    (2) In the event of serious hindrance to the proper implementation of our business
    (3) In case of violating laws and regulations

  5. Management of Information and Security

    (1) We will manage customers´ personal information appropriately by implementing necessary and appropriate organizational, human, and technological security control measures to prevent improper access to personal information as well as the loss, alteration or leakage, etc. of personal information. We will educate all of our executives and employees so that they understand the importance of protecting personal information and handling customers’ personal information properly. When outsourcing the handling of personal information to other institutions, we will select subcontractors that meet appropriate safety control standard and conclude a non-disclosure agreement with such subcontractors to ensure that they will not leak any Personal Information.

    (2) As a means of maintaining the confidentiality and security of the Personal Information, a customer’s registration information is protected by passwords.

  6. Compliance

    We will use our best efforts to comply with all applicable laws, regulations, governmental ordinances and guidelines regarding the handling of personal information.

  7. Device IDs

    We may collect device-identifying information to the extent necessary in order to improve our Services and to prevent unlawful acts. This information does not include information which could identify an individual.

  8. Cookies

    We use cookies to enhance user experience. A user’s web browser place cookies on their hard drive for record-keeping purposes and sometimes to track information about them. A user may choose to set their web browser to refuse cookies, or to alert you when cookies are being sent.

  9. Continuous review

    Personal information protection management system will be thoroughly disseminated to executives and employees. We will also carry out this, maintain and periodically review it, and strive for continual improvement.

  10. Contacting

    If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact:

    [email protected]