「ELLEMEN FRESH」 opening issue project

As the co-ordination and interview of Japanese artists for the opening issue, cover and volume collection photography of Chinese fashion magazine “ELLEMEN FRESH”in 2019. As a new branch of“ELLEMEN”, “ELLEMEN FRESH”pays more attention to the culture of the younger generation, accumulates popularity in digital media, and realizes the creation of paper magazine. To propose to the magazine the new youth representative of Japan, Kentaro Sakaguchi, who is in line with the founding of the magazine, and promote the cost planning and shooting.

WEILAI, one of China's top class photographers, was the center of the creative team to choose a suitable location for GUCCI, which provides clothing. Shuttle through the streets of Japan, stop at the garden in the middle of the street, visit antique shops, and with Sakaguchi's empty expression, everything was just right, which fully displays the brand atmosphere and Sakaguchi's personal temperament.

Hair&Make-up:RUMI HIROSE
Casting/Interview:UNITY ZERO LIMITED