Shibuya City


The International NFT Festival will be launched with TOKYO CULTURE RELATED NFT projects from all over the world, project leaders, creators, holders and communities. The very first event will be held in November 2023.
Tokyo SHIBUYA aims to be the most exciting and economically superb major NFT base in the world. We set Year 2022 as the zero(0) time. Test was conducted in conjunction with the declaration of next year's event along with SOCIAL INNOVATION WEEK SHIBUYA 2022.

■ISN Fes.試 Supported by Callback

Aiming to provide users who have never had access to NFTs with an easy process to obtain , a unit where NFTs can be obtained by simply touching it with a smartphone is set up at the SIW venue. The unit is a collaboration with “ChargeSPOT”, a mobile battery sharing service, and users can obtain NFTs for free by touching the sticker with Callback's proprietary NFC tag attached to the upper POP of the unit with their smart phones. The NFTs can be earned by touching the sticker with an NFC tag developed by Callback. This is an attempt to expand the NFT market, which requires knowledge in areas such as wallet creation.

■ISN Fes.展 Supported by Parco

TOKYO CULTURE NFT projects will be exhibited on the 9th floor of Shibuya Parco. Popular NFT projects inspired by Tokyo culture are invited from around the world to present a glimpse of the culture that continues to spread from Tokyo to the world on the new web3.

■ISN Fes.議 Supported by SUPER DOMMUNE

Nov 11, 2022, Naohiro Ukawa (DOMMUNE), Hironao Tamonoki (NFT ART TOKYO/Stoned Pixel Human), KOJOCHO (NFT ART TOKYO), Shu Mononobe (UNITY ZERO CEO/Yu-Gi-Yn Founder), and Dylan Westover (Callback Co-Founder/COO) held a live broadcast at SUPER DOMMUNE Studio, conference on Tokyo culture that dominates web3 in the worldwide and the charm and potential that Shibuya.