Concept production of Oketa Collection assisted by Yu-Gi Labs (https://yu-gi.io/) : Founding/creative team of Metaverse project"¥u-Gi-¥n".

The theme of this year's OKETA COLLECTION fifth anniversary celebration is called "TIME MIXED". By showcasing works that transcend time, from antique art from the Muromachi period to modern and futuristic digital art, the exhibition aims to express the universal concepts of "appreciation for art" and "connection between people".

■Main Visuals

Yu-Gi Labs is responsible for the main visuals for the exhibition:


What is the "heart of appreciating art"?

It is the concept of viewing art as pure beauty.

Throughout history, ruling classes such as nobles have used art as a tool to flaunt their status.

The formation of the massive art market that transcends material value can also be seen as a symbol of the difference in cognitive ability between humans and apes.

Vanity, jealousy, desire, and the spirit of cooperation among people who help each other.

This is the proof of humanity.

This may be like "karma" (Buddhist term) that people cannot escape from no matter how times change.

We express the symbol of the Oketa Collection as the universal "heart of appreciating art" itself. The theme of the exhibition is expressed as DNA and a padlock, representing the persistence and karma of art, and is portrayed as an "imprisoned mind". In addition, we have designed art that expresses the economic instability of the future brought about by the expansion of the art market and the digital economy.

■Digital Art Exhibition





Yu-Gi Labs is a creative team dedicated to pursuing TOKYO CYBERPUNK, expressed through the NFT project "Yu-Gi-Yn" and the pursuit of "META PUNK". In this exhibition, we will use holographic technology and LED walls to showcase futuristic landscapes and provide an art experience that transcends time and space as the theme of digital art.


Using 3DCG to showcase the future of Shibuya in 2056.

Shibuya, a chaotic and regenerating city, is a symbol of the fusion of digital and reality in the META PUNK era.

We will view the entire Spiral venue as the center of space-time distortion and map the future Shibuya landscape as a digital space.

【Work 2: ALTAR 2056】

The future society transformed by digital technology.

Shibuya, which was acquired by foreign capital.

The altar is made up of parts collected from abandoned game halls by FUNGIBLES children who do not hold digital assets, representing hope for extreme economic disparity.