Shibuya PARCO 1st Anniversary

Shibuya PARCO, a landmark representing Shibuya culture, publishes a free paper to commemorate the first anniversary of the renewal for a limited time. The legendary culture magazine "RELAX" of the magazine house, which continued to have a youth culture centered on Shibuya in the 90's such as Shibuya and Harajuku, has been revived with the purpose of collaboration with this promotion. We carry out SNS promotion for overseas users who are highly interested in Japanese fashion, music, and subculture. Weibo account operation, street luxury and KOL that has a high affinity with pop culture such as anime, comic, and games are thoroughly narrowed down, and casting, gifting planning, and delivery operations are carried out. While the number of customers visiting Japan was cut off due to the corona disaster, we realized cross-border topicalization through SNS.